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Sauer Tröger Secret Flow Chop

Sauer Tröger Secret Flow Chop

Garantie: Made in Germany


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Pret cu TVA: 149.99 Lei



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  • Speed: 84
  • Control: 97
  • Effet: 100
  • Sponge hardness: Medium
  • Game system: Allround

The Secret Flow Chop is equipped with a soft top rubber on a medium hard SC sponge in orange. A special synthetic top rubber provides true high performance grip. Right from the start the rubber is under adequate tension, so you can easily see the individual pores of the top rubber. Therefore, the rubber can bend slightly after removing it from the packaging.

Playing style:
Effect control – joy of playing: During the development of Secret Flow Chop, a rubber was created, that combines the highest degree of effet and control. Despite the highest spin values, the ball should get where it is supposed to go. The topspin, especially on undercuts, achieves a maximum of spin and is therefore very dangerous for the opponent. Puffs, shots and racy defensive balls are possible without any problems and in a very good position, thanks to the high control. The rubber is especially suitable when changing from defensive to offensive play. In this case the rubber forgives many inaccuracies that can occur during a fast ball rally.
We have developed the Secret Flow Chop in coordination with a long pimple on the backhand and thus created a tailor-made offensive rubber for pimples player.

Recommended playing system:
We recommend the 1.5 mm and 1.8 mm version for the classic defensive player or a player who is close to the table and places great value on control. Due to the “sc-sponge” you can play short and long during shuffling.
The 2.1 mm version is perfect for the modern jammer who uses every opportunity to attack himself. When attacking, strokes are performed quickly, a high speed can be achieved without losing control like with a too hard sponge.

A rubber with good grip, ideal for blocking and topspin on undercuts. Play yourself into a true tunnel and experience the first pimples inside rubber from the pimples expert!

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